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See a significant increase in leads generated from your website, by offering instant valuations in exchange for personal detials.

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How It Works

Virtual Val works in sync with your agency website to offer your visitors a free property valuation of their home within minutes.

What Is Virtual Val ?

Put simply, we connect estate agents with prospective sellers and landlords through instant online property valuations.

Make Every Visit Count

Have your audience engage with you through our market intelligence. Make the most of every customer who visits you!

Targeting Sellers & Landlords

Virtual Val gives you the ability to demonstrate your expertise and spot potential instruction opportunities.

Increasing Your Instructions

Want to increase your valuation enquiries? Turning visits into valuation leads is what we do best!

Why Choose VirtualVal ?

It’s not rocket science…… Virtual Val allows you to stand out from the crowd whilst securing more leads!
More online property valuations, means more leads for you!

Knowledge Is Key

Let's cut to the chase - your audience wants to know the value of their property.

Virtual Val satisfies their curiosity and at the same time captures their details for you to follow up on !

Predictive Canvassing Map

As the old saying goes "boards breed boards", but what if you could predict the area where people are planning to move?

We plot all of your leads on a map so that you can plan your canvassing effectively !

Become A Market Leader

Virtual Val makes the most of every vistor to your website, giving you the edge over your competitors.

It's not rocket science ...

More leads, means more valuations !

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Pricing Tables

VirtualVal has no set up fees, contracts or tie-ins, just a simple and transparent pricing structure.
Pricing is based on a per branch basis, £50 for the first branch, and £20 for each additional branch.*
VirtualVal is completely measurable, so you can accurately measure your return on investment.
Take back control of your website today!

Single Branch£50.00/mo
  • No Set Up Fees
  • No Contracts Or Tie-ins
  • Free Design
  • Ongoing Support
Extra Branches£20.00ea/mo
  • Multi User Logins
  • Enquiry Mapping

* Pricing for more than 30+ Branches or Online Agents POA

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Virtual Val.

Who Can Use Virtual Val?
Virtual Val is exclusively available to all Estate Agents within England, Scotland & Wales.
How Does Virtual Val Value a Property?
Our valuation of a property in England, Scotland & Wales is calculated by Virtual Vals Market Intelligence Model.

We provide an instant online estimated price range, determined by historical and current market activity.

As this is an average estimated price range - Here is where you come in...

Virtual Val provides you with the foot through the door to offer a more in depth and accurate asking price for their property!

How Current is the Data?
The estimated valuations are updated monthly, as more information becomes available.
Does Virtual Val Cover the Whole of the UK?
At present we cover England, Scotland and Wales.
Doesn't My "Request a Valuation" Form Do The Same?
Unfortunately not. Your "Request a Valuation" form is used by clients who have already decided to market their property.

By offering a free online valuation tool, you can reach your audience at the very start of their selling/letting process, giving you the opportunity to be the first agent through their door!

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